Friday, April 18, 2008

Scientific American, April 2008

Comb Technologies

Optical Atomic Clocks
Chemical Sensors
Designer Chemistry

Optical Frequency Combs
Mar 8, 2006 ... As scientists continue to improve frequency comb technology and make it easier to use, it may be applied in many other research fields and ... newsfromnist_frequency_combs.htm - 23k - Cached - Similar pages
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Locking of femtosecond laser comb to single frequency cw laser. Nonlinear optical techniques for comb technology. Ultra-broadband mirrors and saturable ... - Similar pages
[PDF] Optical and Quantum Communications
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Erich Ippen and Franz Kärtner to investigate enabling femtosecond-comb technologies with. nonlinear optical techniques. The main focus of our program is to ... - Similar pages
Comb-like Profiled Fiber Technologies for Synchronized Short Pulse ...
generation based on “comb-like profiled fiber (CPF)”. Various. types of CPF are summarized, where we show that the CPF. technologies are suitable for truly ... pdf?isnumber=35662&prod=CNF&arnumber=1694018&ar... - Similar pages
High-channel-count comb filter with a simple structure - Optical ...
all-fiber distributed comb technology. In. terms of Fourier transformation, a SBG can be regarded. as. a special grating with multiple superimposed ... pdf?isnumber=29806&prod=CNF&arnumber=1359288&arS... - Similar pages

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