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Is there any relations between Earthquakes and Electromagnetic Anomalies? READ UP and We need more R&D
This is one example of agreeing to disagree.

186 Proc. Japan Acad., 75, Ser. B (1999)
Vol. 75(B),
Plasmon model for origin of earthquake related electromagnetic wave noises
By MasaShi KAMOGAWA*~'**~'t~ and Yoshi-Hiko OHTSUKI*~
(Communicated by Seiya UYEDA, M. J. A., Sept. 13, 1999)
Abstract: A theory is proposed to explain how the electromagnetic waves are created from the epi-
center of large earthquakes. By the increase of strong stress in the rock, exo-electrons are excited and emit-
ted, and bulk plasmon can be produced. They propagate to the earth surface, and transform into
electromagnetic waves. Simple order-estimation shows that the electromagnetic waves of the frequency
range 10 MHz-1 GHz may be observed. Some characteristics of observed earthquake related electromagnetic
waves may be interpreted by our plasmon model.
Key words: Earthquake; plasmon; electromagnetic wave.

Question: Where would electromagnetic reversal originate: down under in the core of the earth or up there in outer space?

Question: Is there any relationship between the incidence of solar flares and electromagnetic radiation?

Question: What type solar flares would result in electromagnetic reversal?|1035579925

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